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Everyone is welcome to showcase their classic cars at Buggies-N-Blues as long as they meet the car show criteria. There are no fees, or limit on the number of vehicles owners can display. Cars are parked and on display Sunday only.

Entry Guidelines

  1. All vehicles must be show worthy.

  2. As a general rule of thumb, vehicles should be eligible for ND Pioneer Plates (age 40+).

  3. All Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs and Challengers are permitted.

  4. All vehicles belonging to participating car club members are permitted.

  5. Vehicles that fall outside of these entry guidelines may be permitted with pre-approval.

& Tips

There is a very specific setup and arrival process. Car Club member entries will gather in pre-assigned staging lots and will be permitted access to Main Street on a strict schedule. Individual entries should report to M&H Gas Station at 9:30 a.m. and will be directed to their appropriate parking location.

  • Arrival Time - Report to your assigned staging area early. You will have a specific time to arrive at your assigned point of entry.  To avoid traffic congestion, do not deviate from your designated time.

  • Parking - Once you have arrived at the point of entry, event personnel will direct you to your parking area. Please exercise patience; there are 400 to 500 cars to park in 90 to 120 minutes. WE DO NOT RESERVE PARKING SPOTS.  Refrain from asking about parking requests, as that slows down and interferes with the parking process.

  • Security - Minimal security is provided to ensure the safety of your vehicle. There are cones and security tape so viewers maintain distance from the vehicles.

  • Prize - There will be one $100 winner for those who enter a vehicle in the show. Swag bags will be provided to the first 400 vehicles. One bag contains a Golden Ticket for the $100 prize.

  • Departure Time - The car show ends at 4 p.m. Please be prepared to pack up your belongings and remove your car so that Main Street may reopen.

Classic Car Parade

Sit back and view the variety of vehicles that will be on display by watching the Classic Car Parade.

After the Parade, we invite the public to attend the evening concerts in the park. We've got live music, shopping and dining experiences.


The Buggies-N-Blues Swap Meet is an opportunity for people swap and sell used merchandise. Coordinated by Buggies-N-Blues volunteer Nick Ressler, the Swap Meet is an affordable way for collectors to sell their wares and for shoppers to score some great deals.

Contact Nick Ressler, 701-527-8620


Classic cars steal the show at the Buggies-N-Blues event, but hot on their tailpipes are the vintage tractors on display. North Dakota's ag roots run deep and this element of the event brings back memories of days on the farm for many attendees. Check out the lineup in the Bravera Bank Parking lot on the intersection of Main Street and Collins Avenue.

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