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General Information:

All enthusiasts are invited to display their classic cars, hot rods, or specialty vehicles at the Buggies-N-Blues event. There are no entry fees, required registration, or restrictions on the number of vehicles one can exhibit. Please note that vehicles are to be parked for display on Sunday only.


Entry Guidelines for All Vehicles:


Presentation and Condition:

All displayed vehicles must be in show-worthy condition: clean, free of significant damage, major cosmetic flaws, or apparent needs for repairs.

Classic Vehicle Criteria:

Vehicles in the classic category must not be newer than 1973 and should qualify for North Dakota Pioneer Plates, indicating they are over 40 years old.

Owners of classic vehicles should be members of a participating car club.


Participating Car Clubs:

Roughrider Club

The Classtiques

Pioneer Club

Ford Mustang Club

Corvettes Club

Camaros Club

Vehicles from these clubs receive priority parking on Main Street, starting on the west end, from 7:30 AM.


General Vehicle Category:

Vehicles that do not meet the Classic Car criteria, including those newer than 1973, non-club members, specialty cars, foreign models, as well as classic or specialty trucks, fall into the General Vehicle category.

Staging for General Parking begins on East Main Street at M&H at 8:00 AM. Parking starts approximately at 9:30 AM.


Prohibited Vehicles:

Motorcycles, boats, ATVs, oversized vehicles, or any vehicles that are not operational or must remain on a trailer are not permitted at the Buggies and Blues car show.

These guidelines ensure a diverse and orderly display of vehicles, contributing to the enjoyment and success of the event.

& Tips

Buggies and Blues Car Show Parking Instructions

Arrival and Setup:

  1. Car Club Members:

  • Members from participating car clubs should assemble in designated staging lots and adhere to a strict schedule for access to Main Street.

  • Please arrive at your assigned entry point on time to prevent traffic congestion and adhere to your specific arrival schedule.

  1. General Entry Vehicles:

  • Vehicles not affiliated with car clubs should report to the M&H Gas Station on East Main Street no earlier than 8:00 AM.

  • Staging begins at 8:00 AM and parking will start approximately at 9:30 AM.

Parking Process:

  • Once directed onto Main Street, event personnel will guide you to your designated parking area.

  • Due to the volume of vehicles (400 to 500 cars) expected to park within 90 to 120 minutes, please remain patient and cooperative.

  • We do not reserve parking spots. Please refrain from making special parking requests as this can delay the process.

Security and Safety:

  • Minimal security measures, including cones and security tape, will be in place to ensure vehicle safety and maintain viewer distance.

Prizes and Recognition:

  • One lucky participant will win $100 for registering their vehicle on the day of the show.

  • The first 400 vehicles will receive a 2024 Buggies and Blues Dash Plaque and a Vehicle Information Card.


  • The car show concludes at 4:00 PM. Please be ready to pack up and remove your vehicle promptly to facilitate the reopening of Main Street.

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