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Local Events Grant

Funds to Fuel Local Events

The Mandan Progress Organization (MPO) is excited to welcome applications for the 2024 Local Events Grants. The program was created to provide assist with funding to organizations that want to host local events that contribute to the economic well-being of the community, increase quality of life, and attract visitors to the communityThe MPO serves as the facilitator of the grant, which receives funds from the City of Mandan’s Visitors Committee. The money is made available through the 1% local sales tax fund. There is a total of $20,000 dedicated to the local event grants program and applicants may request up to $5000.

Grant Details

1. All applicants must be affiliated with a local non-profit organization. Individuals/Private Businesses will not be funded.

2. Grants are on a annual basis only.

3. Applications will be taken through March 31st for a May funding recommendation.

4. Grant requests are limited to $5,000 per year per organization. Grants will be paid in 50% Mandan Bucks and 50% Cash. 

5. Greatest consideration will be given to a project or event that:

           a. Add significantly to the economic well-being and/or increase the community's quality of life.

           b. Impact a large number of people and attracts visitors to the community.

           c. The organization has raised dollars to provide at least 50% match of grant dollars requested.

           d. Involve cooperative projects with other community organizations.

6. Notification of project funding or non-funding will be provided to the designated contact person.

7. Applications are available online (click link below)

8.Acceptance of Application close March 31st. 

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